Best Cydia sources for iPhone, iPad and iPod



Best Cydia sources for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Why a person ponders over to get their own iDevice Jailbroken, is obviously to get Cydia, then why Cydia?

These days the young generation roams into get there iDevice Jailbroken the reason beyond this is to get Cydia

The reason beyond to get this cydia is the sources it provides there are hundreds of worthy sources provided by Cydia for iPhone, iPad and iPod users

The best two jailbreakers such as PanGu and TaiG integrates Cydia along with it so that the people their worthy users can taste the use of this app!

Cydia is considered to be an App Store for the Jailbroken phone you could fulfill your purpose of jailbreaking your iDevice heartily through Cydia

you might have Jailbroken your iDevice for the following reason such as


    as the young generation never keeps there iDevice away from playing games so the limited games provided in the Apple App Store would have brought you the decision of jailbreak and to get Cydia


    yeah another reason is to have a different layout for the iDevice as you might despondent in the way your iDevice is, also with old features so to have a change you will jailbreak your iDevice so that Cydia may support you


    this is deemed as the main reason for jailbreaking your iDevice to get Cydia as the Cydia provides unlimited range of free as well as paid apps with a no stop app solution you could obtain almost all third party apps

So these are the main reason for jailbreaking and obtaining Cydia so now let’s look in for the best source provided by Cydia there are countless great sources provided by Cydia let me confess few of them


iPhone cake

iPhone cake provides you many games that you wish to play there are countless games if your reason to jailbreak your iDevice and to get Cydia in order to attain games then iPhone cake is considered to be a best games source in Cydia another great source for game is XSellize

FilippoBiga Repo

The best source of Cydia to customize your iDevice so if your reason for jailbreaking is to customize your phone then the best source provided by Cydia is FilippoBiga Repo you could customize your iDevice according to your wish


So if your third reason is Apps then the best store Cydia provides BiteYourApple one of its best source in which you could get countless tweaks as well as packages


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