iOS 8 Jailbreak online download and install

iOS 8 Jailbreak online- downloads and installimage001

Apple Company provides it users a firmware known as iOS and updates it yearly to give its user the best

It gives out the version with numbers as the latest release was iOS 8 which had come out marvelous with so many useful features and it had fulfilled the will of the users around the globe

The multifunction firmware iOS 8 is enjoyed by its users these days so how about jailbreaking it?

It might be more than what we expect as iOS 8 had already brought all what we expect then jailbreaking it will provide us more joy

iOS 8 jailbreak app is absolutely free with no hidden chargers at first let us see the method to upgrade our version
click your iDevice below and get your iOS 8 version updated

iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 4

iPad 4

Follow these steps below to update your versions for other devices

• Click setting>>>General>>>Software update>>>download new iOS 8

• Download the new version iOS 8 for your iDevice

• Upgrade your version through iTunes as OTA won’t support to jailbreak

• Get your USB and connect the iDevice to your PC

• Restore your iDevice using iTunes

• Download iOS 8 version IPSW file from your web browser

• Let the restoring process comes to an end

• Connect your iDevice and you will find the new version available so just click the download button

• So that’s it now you can enjoy your new version of iOS 8


jailbreak iOS 8

jailbreak your iOS 8 version

Jailbreak your iOS 8

The jailbreaking companies are earning billions as this software had given them a great success with satisfied customers across the world

Jailbreaking an iDevice is so well-liked as they gives out unlimited apps for its users

Apple had limited collections of Apps as well as pays a lot for software developers so it tries it level best to stop its users from using jailbreak

They even void the warranty no wonders as still the users wish to jailbreak their iDevice because of the craze that they have for the Apps, themes and much more

So in the market there are many companies who provides jailbreaking such as TaiG, Pangu, Redsn0w and evasion
For the iOS 8 version TaiG as well as Pangu included Cydia you can now easily jailbreak your iDevice with few simple steps click on TaiG and Pangu to get them on your windows


>>> Download TaiG or Pangu on your iDevice iOS 8 updated

>>> Connect your iDevice to the PC through USB

>>> If you are doing the process through TaiG then you need to disable airplane mode in your iDevice

>>> If you are doing it through Pangu then turn on your airplane mode

>>> Disable passcode lock and find my phone from the settings

>>> When the iDevice is connected click on the jailbreak button

>>> After that reboot occurs so now the procedure is coming to an end

>>> Cydia app gets downloaded automatically so that’s it your new iOS 8 version is Jailbroken

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