Fix iOS 8 Jailbreak errors


How to fix iOS 8 jailbreak errors

Through performing a jailbreaking task your iDevice will attain its goal of getting unimaginable numbers of apps

As people specially the iDevice users jailbreak their precious iDevice even though they knew it cost them a void of warranty

They do this just in the purpose of modifying iDevice through themes, getting games which they long for, make fun of photos through editing and there are other more countless reasons

Now while jailbreaking suddenly you get an error what will you do?

The entire attempt will be useless though so now let me emphasize you that these problems mostly occur due to the reasons provided below as well as look at the way to fix it:




  • Your iDevice is not backed up

All the tools that you use to jailbreak your iDevice will instruct you to back up your iDevice, if you haven’t done it and just jumps into the jailbreaking process

Then it will be completely an useless attempt and the error will occur so to fix it you must cancel the procedure and do backup your iDevice first and then next start the process


  • You had used OTA (Over The Air)

If you had upgraded your latest iOS version via OTA then your iDevice won’t be able to provide what you seek for

As the OTA expanded as Over The Air will no longer support jailbreaking so when you start to jailbreak your iDevice then an error pops out and ruins your work

So the only method to fix this error is to restore your iDevice using iTunes so restore your iDevice via iTunes and start the process again you will be succeeded now

iOS 8 features

  • Internet

If a sudden struck occur through jailbreaking is might be due to a connectivity problem from your computer or else your iDevice to internet

Because an internet connection is much needed to complete the jailbreaking task get your internet fill with data and continue the process from first


  • Your iDevice functions

Your iDevice might be active with some programs which must be turned off during jailbreak so the active programs may cause an error

The programs are like passcode lock, find my phone and other auto syncing apps you must off these programs before beginning the jailbreak process

So if any sudden struck occur then you must find out whether any of these programs are turned on if they are so then you must fix the error through turn off these apps and begin the procedure from first


  • Apple logo gets struck

If your phone got struck in the middle of the jailbreaking process on the Apple logo then try to close the program or else just force close it the matter will come to an end

So these are some of the most important reason that an error occur for jailbreak so before beginning a jailbreak look at the above notes and do accurately also prevent the wrong method


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