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We are indeed please to present you all with the easiest ways to get your iDevice Jailbroken

We explain you clearly in an understandable way from our site all that you can obtain is the satisfaction from our end

iOS 8 the latest firmware provided by the Apple so through our site we explain you through various methods to jailbreak your iOS 8 version and to get cydia along with it



what is jailbreak and what is Cydia?

Jailbreak is a program that is used to acquire the needs of third party apps,
The usage of third party apps are been restricted among the Apple

so the thing that we show cast so that we are able to use, download and either install third party apps are by jailbreaking our iDevice

Cydia is all in one tool for apps you could either call it as an App Store kindly similar to that of Apple App Store

But got some features more outstanding then that of Apple App Store so it gets countless users

What is that outstanding feature that belongs to Cydia?

The admirable feature belongs to Cydia is the ability of downloading numerous apps that doesn’t last in the Apple App Store yeah the third party apps,

Through our site we provide you the easiest ways to jailbreak your iDevice as well as to get Cydia

There are many jailbreaking software tools available in the current market through our site we provide you with all the information about those jailbreaking tools

And also we emphasize and instruct you the accurate way of jailbreaking and to get Cydia in to your iDevice

We had published many articles so far categorized into various topics, we guide you in the process of jailbreaking and we seek for your satisfaction

Follow us to get Cydia installed in your iDevice within the easiest way

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3 comments on “Follow me to install Cydia
  1. Jyotiraditya says:

    Cydia is very nice I want to donwload

  2. Joshua ford says:

    How do I install cydia

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