Cydia download for iOS 9 – Review


Let’s know about Cydia

The company SaurikIT which created this software app is earning billions of dollars through this app as long ago in February 2008 Jay Freeman who is known as Saurik created this app

Cydia has been very popular these days the use of it had increased in the speed of the rocket so that

Cydia is considered as an App store for Jailbroken iDevices it is running in the process as an Advance Packaging Tool (APT)

Cydia is eventual tool that can make us fly roaming for the apps that we seek for and more eventually we will get what we need rapidly

as it’s created as the way to support iDevice users to get third party apps out of Apple App Store in a boundless way just to swim on with apps

Just been fed up with old themes and need a changeover then what you have to do is jailbreak your iDevice to swim in the sea of apps without any restriction nor bound

Now let’s peep about iOS 9

iOS are the firmwares introduced by the Apple for its users,

Apple is updating the firmware in order to satisfy its customer also they tries their best to stop jailbreak too each year but that attempt didn’t succeed yet that’s why they void their warranty towards a Jailbroken device

iOS 9 is hopefully going to be the best of versions provided by Apple so far as their will be all sort of Bug issues coming to an end

even the minor bugs are going to be fixed and it’s going to have multiple features in order to satisfy its beloved customers

So all that we going to get is something worthy and something that can obviously satisfy us



How to download Cydia for iOS 9?

Hope this task is going to be easy as our main jailbreaking tools such as TaiG and PanGu had already integrated Cydia along with it as in the iOS 8 version

so obviously that feature will last and also TaiG and PanGu had confirmed its users as this method will last and will be available for all iOS users initially

So it would be an easy task for us to get Cydia for our new version of iOS 9 through TaiG or else PanGu

Evasion and Redsn0w will also help us to get Cydia for our iOS quite easily so the downloading and installing process will remain as usual

but if any rapid and tiny changes occur we will be informing you through our Facebook and twitter so follow us and also enjoy the version as soon as you get it

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