Android users download Odin – Best iOS Jailbreak alternative

Odin is the best method that all Android running Samsung smart device users have to remove a most of hardware and software restrictions from their devices.Very basically Odin is the one of  best ever third party rooting applications.

Where it’s vital to figure out that what is Odin?Odin is a third party rooting application which is compatible only with Android running Samsung devices.


Odin requirements

  • Android running Samsung device
  • A computer which is running with Windows
  • An USB cable
  • Android USB drivers for your PC

Those requirements are the very basic and essential things for Odin.If you have already those access properly you are free to Odin download and install process.

Be aware  

Where we should warn you to protect your device data from severe damages which might occur as a result of malfunction of this process. We recommend to take a complete backup of your device data before you ae going to expose your device on this process.

  • This tool compatible only with Android running Samsung smart devices
  • Process has based on Windows OS running computer
  • You have to download the proper Firmware for your particular Samsung device
  • Make sure to close Samsung Kies software

Now you know the things that what you must be aware about Odin.So now it’s better to know about the terms that you will be met when you are using Odin.


This button you will meet at the Re-Partition section. This is a separated section & this will need to add a firmware for update the device.


This section will help you to install new firmware on your device


This will perform a major part to upgrade your Android device using Odin tool.


This section will show up you the installation process.


Consumer Software Customization is the meaning of CSC and this acts as same as APN service of smart phone.


After the proper selection related to this process you can hit on this Start button to continue the process.


Reset option will help you to get rid from wrong selections. Suppose you have been selected wrong firmware file or something else.Now you want to remove those selections without harming your device.Click on Reset and it will remove.


As usually this is the place that you have to exit from the tool.

Please read completely above mentions factors and take an idea about Odin and how does it work.Then follow our step by step guide to use Odin on your device.

Step 01:

As your very first step of this process download the Odin tool on your computer using this link

Step 02:

After downloading finished extract this downloaded file to where ever you want on your Windows computer.

Step 03:

Now go to file location which you have extracted and open it.Where you will be met four files.Right click on the first one of them and launch it Run as administrator.This will be installed the tool on your windows running computer easily.

Step 04:

Now turn off your Samsung device and press together Volume Down+Home Button+Power Button.This will make your device on Download mode.

Step 05:

Now connect your device to your PC using the data cable of your device.

Step 06:

After connected to the PC launch the Odin tool on your computer.

Step 07:

Now ticked on Auto Reboot & F.Reset Time.This will help to get away from the unwanted data and some other masses after completing the process.

Step 08:

Now click on the PDA section and select a tar.md5 file from your downloaded firmware.

Step 09:

If you have downloaded PDA,Phone,CSC files you have to select one by one respectively.

Step 10:

If you are fit with so far on the process you can watch the first rectangular box area become yellow or Skies Blue.

Step 11:

Click PDA section and select the file which is ended with tar.md5.

Step 12:

Meanwhile  Odin will start to upload all the data of your selected files on the tool.This will take a few time to finish.

Step 13:

After rechecking  hit the Start button to continue the process.This will take few minutes to complete.While the process on going do not either unplug or disconnect your device from USB cable.

Step 14:

After the getting finished the installation process successfully your device will be reboot.You will receive a pass message which is said that you have successfully installed the new firmware on your Samsung smart device.

Okay guys if you have followed us properly so far you have done it.If you will be faced for any kind of problems related to Odin download please re-try the entire process again.



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