Latest features of iOS 8 Version

iOS 8 features

IOS 8 features

Latest firmware introduced by Apple is iOS 8, in 17 Sep 2014 Apple launched their iOS 8.1.2 and on 12 Jan 2015 they previewed iOS 8.2 (beta)And planning to release iOS 8.1.3 by next week but still Apple didn’t confirm it.

iOS 8 came out with a vast changes and fulfilled all the hopes of its users the features are upto to the content of its users

Now let’s look up at the features which is provided in the iOS 8 version and the changes that had occurred

  • Notification center

Immensely changed and all the happy news from my end is that we could reply text messages directly from the notification center

Also it’s now possible to add different widget or to remove it through an edit button

In the last version three tabs are available in the notification center but in this app only two tabs are available

  • Battery monitoring

Now it’s possible for us to find out the apps which sucks our battery life and threw it to the trash if you don’t mind, now check it out

General>>>usage>>>battery usage

  • Keyboard

Now the happiest news for me is this as a new featured tool is included as QuickType
And third party keyboards can be downloaded

You can turn off your key board from the settings

  • Camera and images

You can edit your photos upto your content as more editing features are available
Get a selfie front camera shot in 3 to 10 seconds time setter

  • Delete

You have to just swipe your message in order to delete it swiping deletes what a great work as we people are even lazy enough to carry it to the trash icon so now just a swipe yep it’s deleted

  • Messages

You can provide a month or a year to auto delete your messages

By pressing the record button you could just message your friends all your joy through audio and video

From the thread you could share many things as well as add or remove a person from the thread

  • Shortcut to people

You can find shortcut for the people whom you had spent your time with and get the information

  • iCloud drive

This feature is provided to you in the purpose of saving your documentary files, music, photos, videos and others

  • Spotlight

This app has been connected with internet in purpose of viewing blogs and many reader apps

  • Family sharing

Five further members can be added
Sharing of apps through same credit card is possible

  • Continuity

The files will allow you to share emails as well as documents and websites through personal hotspot or Wi-Fi via Handoff


As in health kit allows developers to make software regarding health

Home kit too allows to expand softwares featuring the configuration, discovers, control devices as well as communicate for home automation

As well as it’s possible to include your medical history and track your levels of oxygen, sleep and even more


There are many more updates even the games so there are tons of modernize apps so just get the iDevice updated to iOS 8 VERSION ON TO YOUR DEVICE AND ENJOY THE UPDATES

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