iOS 8 Jailbreak Disadvantages


Jailbreaking an iDevice is more over prominent the usage for unlimited apps may crack us in order to not view the disadvantage

Now let me clearly emphasize you all most all its disadvantages then you decide whether or whether not to jailbreak your iDevice version iOS 8 as it’s all yours but it’s been my responsibility in order to make my users aware of what a jailbreaking is

The major disadvantages that what I consider is the security because jailbreaking your iDevice will remove the security form your iDevice this might led your iDevice to roam in spam area

The possibility of virus as the tool itself mentions it

If you are an iPhone 4 users then your iDevice will be crashed off so that your device won’t be mended easily

Repeated process as the Apple tries its level best to let its users to ignore jailbreak so the versions that they create will need you to jailbreak your iDevice again and again or if not you must be stable with the old one

Voids Apple warranty so sudden crack will not be mended as the warranty had flew away so it’s a big disadvantage for its users

Oops disables the spellchecker the worst thing which a iDevice must not provide you looses it too

You will be faced with problematic updates so that your device might overload and get struck

Spam and unwanted apps might be found

Your speed iDevice will lose its performance

The battery life deducts as you may download some countless app in order to that your device turns slow an looses the battery life

SSH password becomes a problem

Your iDevice will face many problematic issues so it won’t be stable

So these are the issues which your iDevice will face due to jailbreak of iOS 8 so now it’s upto to you as already iOS 8 is having so many functions with it so enjoy it without a jailbreak anyhow its upto your wish

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