Cydia for iOS 9 devices – Review

This month Apple has turned another Chapter with their new iOS version called iOS 9. This is another great released by Apple and iOS 9 iOS security much more advanced compare with iOS 8. Before iOS 9 released most websites said this new security is hard to break with any jailbreak tool. But After iOS 9 was released, famous jb hacker iH8Sn0w successfully jailbroken iOS 9.

Cydia for iOS 9

Can Jailbreak iOS 9 ?

Yes, You can install Cydia for iOS 9 running devices. But this jailbreak tool not completely developed for public users. Please watch following video released by iH8Sn0w. He has successfully jailbroken iOS 9 running devices.

About third party apps for iOS 9

We have seen many  third party applications released for iOS 9. Most of these applications are distributing unwanted software for devices. These may be malicious, so it will cause unexpected problems in your device.

Our Recommendations to install Cydia

All users need to follow trusted service to install Cydia for any iOS version. We can recommend cydia installer official site to download correct jailbreak tool within few minutes.

Click Here to Jailbreak iOS 9 users

Click Here to install Cydia for any version 

Can install Cydia for other versions ?

Actually Cydia not support for iOS 8.4.1, Pangu team has jailbroken iOS 8.4.1 successfully. But after few weeks Apple closed jailbeak exploits. So Pangu jailbreak tool not released for public to iOS 8.4.1 devices.

User can install Cydia successfully any other iOS 8 and lower versions. Follow trusted service if you are new to jailbreak.

Instructions for Cydia users

Please install Cydia only with Jailbreak because all other methods will give harmful effects for your device

Also please follow only Cydia official sites information after install Cydia

Please follow recommended Jailbreak tools with your Windows and MAC platform

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