Best Cydia 10 apps for iOS 8

Best Cydia 10 apps for iOS 8

Let me review my outlook about jailbreaking your device whether it’s your pre version or for the upcoming version,

As the jailbreaking process had been legal and had created an epic advantage in the region of the users and I too welcome it warmly

Because we get many advantageous apps from the third party side so by getting your iDevice Jailbroken you will get the app store Cydia into your iDevice

This source is having an awesome collection of apps from the third party side s let me point out few best 10 apps for your iOS 8 iDevice


  • OpenSSH

Through this app you can change mobile’s password and also the root

  • Batterylife

This app is so useful and obviously one of the best app presented in the Cydia store this app performs the task of making us know the battery’s activity and the life of it

  • Vibcall

This is also another handy app as through this app your phone will vibrate when a call is outgoing

  • iFile

This is a free app and this app is a kind of an app that would manage your files one of the best apps in the Cydia store

  • iCleaner

Through this best app you could clean away your iOS device so that you could get space in your iDevice

  • CyDelete8

Through this best app you could easily delete the unwanted apps from the springboard

  • SourceSaver

Through this app you could easily back up your cydia sources

iOS 8 winterboard jailbreak Themes are available even for iPhone and iPods they do update on a daily basis


  • Fusion

Paid app with enormous features, the lovely view of the light shady colors with some more extra feature is another superb theme by the Ar72014

  • Aelon

This theme doesn’t support iPhone 6 plus iDevices hope they could fix the problem in the future, this excellent theme is designed by cosotech it supports the firmware IOS 7and 8 lucidity theme with choose able colors

  • SHINE iPhone 5

It’s a best free theme that’s currently available n the market
Theme by the blue team and there are many beautiful artworks available as well as widgets

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